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  • Puppy Class- Jan. 9th, 6:30PM

  • Basic Manners- Jan. 9th, 7:45PM

  • Trick Class- TBA


Classes now held at Lexpets, a full service 6000 sq. ft.  training/boarding/daycare facility inside Lexington but close to I75 with over 3500 sq. feet devoted to training space. Flooring is constructed specifically for agility/dog training, and agility equipment is competition quality.



lexington puppy training socialization class

Puppy Kindergarten

$180 for 6 weeks (Additional 6% sales tax will be added)

For puppies 10 wks to 5 mths. The six week session meets once a week for one hour.  Puppy issues such as housebreaking, nipping, etc. are also addressed. Your puppy will learn:

  • socialization

  • beginning loose leash walking

  • sit

  • down

  • stay

  • "leave it"

  • attention

  • coming when called

  • impulse control

We get your puppy off to a good start on "learning how to learn."  We also introduce body awareness exercises and use toys and games to get the behavior you want. Attendance at this class can lead to your puppy earning the AKC Star Puppy Award at the end of the six sessions. 

lexington obedience dog training class

Basic Manners

$185 for 6 wks

For dogs ages 5 months and up. The six week session meets once a week for one hour.  It stresses foundation skills such as:

  • attention

  • basic self control

  • leash walking

  • coming when called

  • sit

  • down

  • "leave it"

  • stay

Teaches your dog to pay attention in the midst of distractions.  Some work may be done off leash.  

lexington canine good citizen class CGC

CGC Class

$104 for 4 wks

For dogs 6 months and up. This meets weekly for 4 weeks and builds on the skills learned during Basic Manners.  It includes working off-leash and distractions.  We also learn about the various venues and canine activities available for anyone wanting to train or show their dog in obedience, rally, or agility.  This class also prepares you for the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test (CGC), which is given the last night of class.  Dogs do not have to be purebred to earn the award.

lexington city canine class for AKC urban dog title

City Canine Class

$125 for 4 weeks

For dogs with a CGC. Take your dog out in the community for a real-life training situation.  This class prepares your dog to take the AKC Advanced CGC and the Urban Canine titles.  We work out in the community at various public locations practicing leash walking, stays, meeting other people and other dogs, "leave it," and the skills needed to go out on the town with your dog.

lexington dog agility classes

Foundation for Agility-Beginner Class

$104 for 4 wks

Dogs must have completed basic obedience. If you think you want to do agility with your dog, this class is for you.  We work on body awareness, attention, targeting, heel work, send-aways, beginning handling, and directionals.  

Foundation for Agility 2

$104 for 4 wks

For dogs who have completed the Foundation 1 course. Learn jumping, contacts, agility obstacles, and handling. Continues to build on the skills learned in the previous agility classes.

Foundation for Agility 3

$104 for 4 wks

A continuation of previous foundation skills plus weaves.

Pre-Novice Agility

$104 for 4 wks

Pre-novice handling. Proofing for contacts and weaves, suitable for dogs who have gone through Foundation training but are not ready for Novice.

Novice Agility: Putting it all together

$104 for 4 wks

For dogs working at Novice level or above.  Dogs must know weaves.  

lexington rally AKC obedience dog training class

Rally/AKC Obedience Show Prep

$104 for 4 wks 

For any dog who has gone through basic class. Offering more specialized instruction to prepare you and your dog for competition in Rally and AKC  Obedience Classes or to just have fun with your dog.  For more information on AKC Rally, click here. Instill a good foundation for showing and off-leash skills. Obedience can be fun!  Learn how to bridge the gap between training and showing. 

Rally/AKC Advanced Obedience Show Prep

$104 for 4 wks

For handlers wanting to go beyond Novice. Additional work on foundations needed to show in obedience and rally.  Problem solving.  Teach your dog to retrieve.  Beginning jumping skills.  Teach you and your dog the exercises to earn advanced titles in AKC.


Tricks Class

$104 for 4 wks

Teach your dog some fun tricks and earn a trick title, too. Leads to AKC titles and DMWYD trick dog titles.


Her training classes are wonderful and she is always available to answer questions/help work through any issues you are having. I am so happy we found her. She has been invaluable to our family!
— Sarah E. Lexington KY
chris miara lexington best dog training

Learn more about the trainer that helped my human and I earn all these ribbons!

lexington best dog trainer

Classes not your thing? No worries! Check out our private dog training options.

lexington best dog agility classes in kentucky

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