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Dog Training

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lexington puppy training package

Puppy Package

Consists of 2 private lessons to teach your pup good habits. In-home private lessons if you live in the greater Lexington area. If you are outside of Lexington, we can meet at LexPets.

  1. Housebreaking

  2. How to deal with puppy biting and develop impulse control

  3. Start on learning basic commands

  4. Handling exercises

$90 for 2 lessons

lexington in-home dog training behaviorist

In-Home Behavior Consulting

Individualized private dog training designed for you. This is a great choice for specific problem behaviors or for people who need more flexible scheduling. I meet with you, get detailed information about your dog’s behavior, assess your dog, then determine a behavior plan and work with you on changing your dog’s behavior. I am one of only 2 Certified Dog Behavior Consultants through the IAABC in Kentucky.

Behaviors best dealt with a behavior consultation:

  • Leash reactivity/aggression towards other dogs 

  • Aggression towards people

  • Growling/biting or guarding of food or toys (resource guarding

  • Fearful behaviors or separation anxiety

  • Dog is "out of control,” pulling on the leash, jumping up, barking excessively, bolting out of the house.

  • New baby on the way

  • Dog uncomfortable around children


Initial Consult: $100


Package Discounts

  • $255 for 3 Lessons

  • $400 for 5 Lessons

lexington private obedience dog training

Private Obedience Training

Basic Manners training or training towards AKC titles.

  1. Leash walking

  2. Greeting guests calmly and House manners

  3. Attention and Basic commands

  4. Impulse control

  5. Skills required for AKC obedience, Rally, Agility Foundation

  6. Problem solving for AKC competition


Package Discounts

  • $225 for 3 Lessons

  • $350 for 5 Lessons

lexington dog day training

Day Training

In-home training done by me, then follow-up with you to maintain behaviors.

Rates based on initial assessment.

lexington dog board and train

Board and Train

Training while living in my home.

  1. Develop manners needed for home living

  2. Go to dog-friendly public events and parks for training throughout the day

Rates based on initial assessment.

Chris is an excellent obedience trainer, has worked with many different types of breeds and personalities of dogs. I brought my young GSD to her to work on impulse control and obedience with him. She was so patient with us and my dog is much improved since she gave me tools to work with.
— Mary S, Lexington, KY
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positive reinforcement dog training in lexington

We use positive reinforcement dog training to keep learning fun for both dogs and humans!

city canine class lexington pet store dog training

Join our City Canine Class where we train out in the community! You can work toward an Urban Canine title.

chris miara best lexington sports dog classes, eukanuba performance

We also specialize in Sports Dog Classes, including Agility, Obedience, and Rally Classes.